Kieron Seamons - President, Animation Director.

kieron seamons

Kieron Seamons – president and co founder of Sandman Animation studio. See Kieron's current CV here , Kieron's Writing resume

Kieron set up his first animation studio at the age of about 9 or 10 years old, well it was the unused coal shed in his backyard, but it contained a homemade lightbox and he would spend hours on end in there, drawing and animating short films.………….even at such an early age, it was evident that his passion and love for animated cartoons would play a major part in his life.

Since those early years, he has covered every area of animation over his 25 years of experience, including work in England, Germany, China and Korea and for some of the best animation studios from around the world, including Disney, Universal Studio's, Cinar, TV Loonland, Telemaginations, and Cosgrove Hall Films. During which he has worked on Feature animated movies like 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit', 'An American Tail 2 ',‘When the Wind Blows', 'We're Back', ' A Child's Christmas' ( BAFTA winner ) and 'Sokator 442' and world famous animation TV classics like 'The Cramp Twins', 'Horrid Henry', 'Dennis the Menace', 'Caillou', 'Trasure', 'Likeaballs', 'Sushi Pack', 'Animal Stories', 'Oscars Orchestra' to name a few. Totaling more than 2,000 episodes of animation to date.

In 2006, Kieron started preparation for his dream studio, a combination of thoughts and talents from around the world and a desire to be the leading animation studio in Asia. Not only for service animation but in producing their own high quality IP productions. Their first IP production 'My Pet' 104 x 11 min episodes was an instant success, winning awards at the 'Shanghai Animation Festival', and was snapped up by Beijing Yo Young and SMG TV channels. It was Quickly followed by the series 'Odd Bod' 104 x 11 min episodes, which following again a stream of awards. Their 3rd IP 'Little China' 26 x 22 mins , 'Little China' learning fun' 104 x 7 mins and 4th 'Ra Ra' both went on to win 'best pilot' awards and the 'Crystal Star Award' for excllence in high quality animation production and story telling. A very impressive beginning for such a young company.

Kieron’s passion for family based and education animated cartoons is a driving force for the future of the company. His never ending search for new ideas, new concepts and the best stories has pushed his team to develop and grow at an impressive pace. With their first 4 IP projects already being mulit award winners the dream of becoming the Premiere Animation Studio in Asia is quickly becoming a reality. website

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