Trenk, the Little Knight


For the 6th time already, episodes 1-26 on KiKA:
15.07.-02.09.2013, each Monday at 12:25 PM.
27.09.-22.10.2013, daily at 07:00 PM.
30.09.-23.10.2013, rerun, Mon-Fri at 11:15 AM.

Episodes 1-26 on ORF1:
09.09.-14.10.2013, Mon-Fri at 07:30 AM.

“You’re born a serf, you die a serf and you spend your whole life as a serf” -that’s just the way things are! But isn’t it really unfair when the knight of the castle owns the farmers in the village? That’s what Trenk the farm boy thinks anyway. Trenk wants a better life than his father who has just been hauled off to the castle for another beating by the knight’s men. And so it comes that Trenk, with his little piglet in tow, travels to town to seek his fortune. It turns out to be harder than Trenk thought, and it’s a good thing that he finds friends to help him on the way. The action takes place during the Middle Ages, in a small thirteenth-century German kingdom. Our series brings the Middle Ages to life in an exciting and humorous tale that children will easily be able to understand and enjoy.

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