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Here is a lovely new show we have been working on. China 5,000 is a manga styled animation show and we are very happy with the final show. This is a 300 episode project and was a lovely balance of 2D style animation and Flash and it really came out a winner. One of the BEST shows to come out of China, and we are extremely pleased witht he final results. You have to watch this !!! Check out the video clip and enjoy

CHINA 5,000


Finally, we have finished animation work on the 3D feature of 'Kochadaiyaan' , one of the most exciting movie releases in India for years. We are honored to be a part of it and it is magnificent. This has been our greatest 3D challenge to date and we are very proud of the results.

The most-anticipated Superstar Rajinikanth's 'Kochadaiyaan' has been officially confirmed to release on the actor's birthday this year, 12.12.2013. Kochadaiyaan, starring Rajinikanth, Deepika Padukone, Sarath Kumar, Shobana, Jackie Shroff and Aadhi is directed by Soundarya R Ashwin with A R Rahman composing the music.

A single track from the album sung by SPB and penned by Vairamuthu will be unveiled on October 7th. The mega-budget project is made on motion capture technology, first of its kind in Indian cinema. It has Oscar Award winner AR Rahman's music and Rajeev Menon's cinematography.

See the trailer here

The Moomins Feature Movie.


It is with the GREATEST of pleasures to announce that Sandman Animation Studio has been choosen to make the 2D Animated Feature of the MOOMINS !!

There has been a very long history of the Moomins, from the Amazing comics, the books, the TV shows ( in puppet and 2D ) to a world famous brand and a range of beautifully well designed mechandise. This is a great honor for Us and we very much look forward to the movie adventures ! You can relive some childhood memories and watch some of the older episodes here


KING RA RA has just completed yet another series and it is looking even better and funny than before. The crazy King of Africa has already completed more than 100 episodes and we are very excited by the thought of producing another 100 more. It has already recieved great reviews and we have also uploaded the first batch of King Ra Ra books.



Meet us an see the NEW catalogue !

KING RA RA 104 X 11 MINUTES ( in MIPjr )
MISSION -E 104 X 11 MINUTES ( in MIPjr )
O.B 104 X 11 MINUTES ( in MIPjr )

We are always happy to talk with Distributors from around the world. Many of our shows have world rights and in multiple languages too. ALL our shows are award winning productions. Come and talk with me there about available territories,



TRENK the little Knight returns after 2 amazing seasons for a full animated Feature Film. Sandman Animation Studio will co-produce the wonderful feature which follows on from the award winning TV series.

The TV series tells the story of a peasant boy Trenk has had enough of being treated unjustly by the evil knight Sir Wertolt. With his pet pig in tow, he sets off for the big city to seek his fortune. He soon makes friends with Momme Mumm, a travelling trickster and true survival artist, who manages to get them out of any sticky situation they get into. Then, by chance, Trenk gets an unbelievable offer to train to become a knight!

As a knight in training, he becomes a page at Castle Hohenlob, but he is not very good at his new role. Thekla, Sir Hohenlob's daughter, discovers that Trenk is really a peasant, and threatens to disclose the truth unless he teaches her everything he learns in his knights' training. Mistrustful at first, Trenk and Thekla gradually become an inseparable team.



WILD SOCCER BUNCH season 2. We are delighted to announce a co-production deal for another season of the hugely popular action show and in season 2 there is alot more 2D and 3D animation ( all produced within Sandman Animation Studios ) The Wild Soccer Bunch create their own world. They have their own language, their special style, cool bikes, and secret places. The Wild Soccer Bunch get their own “cool,” visually realized world in the series as well. This world is dark and leaves enough room for thrill, magic and big emotions — similar to the Japanese series Manga, which the style of the new series is orientated on. “

The production of the story and the cool ‘look' of the program is of exceptional high quality, unusual and wild. The result is a soccer-saga that engrosses and thrills viewers, with characters who are always on the go and, in spite of all their faults, succeed in rising above themselves. Fiction for strong kids full of passion and emotion.” - ZDF