Pre-Production servises

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Probably one of the most difficult areas of animation is the pre production stage. It needs a team of experienced story developers, script writers, storyboard artists, musicians, voice actors and designers and we have pulled together the finest team in China to make that happen.

Our first four animation project own show has been developed and created fully here at Sandman Animation Studio. The fact that each are award winner in it's first showing at festivals has given us the confidence that our team have already laid a strong foundation for the future of the company and a future for pre production possiblities. From original concept to final production Sandman Animation has grown and created a very high standard in the animation market place.

In the first 3 years we produced 'My Pet', 'Odd Bod', 'Little China' and 'King Ra Ra', which is an incredible achievement for such a young company. Sandman Animation's goal is to become the premiere producer of animated childrens cartoons in Asia, and strive to raise the bench mark for the animation produced in China.

Sandman Animation is constantly on the look for good stories and creative and exciting artists to join our team.

If you have an animation project, tv series, or movie project that you would like to talk with us about, please feel free to contact us.